Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

I have so many reasons to be grateful to be a mother.  I decided to list 8 reason I am grateful to be the mother of 8.  

1.  It keeps me focused.  When you are the mother of eight you have to be "all in" and "always focused".  There isn't time for half focused mothering!  
2. It is always a party!  We have so much fun with our own group I forget that my younger kids rarely invite friends over and their Birthday parties often consist of their siblings!  
3. Many hands make light work!  As they get older I am realizing that when we work together on a mountain of clean laundry it doesn't take long for it to all get folded and put away quickly! 
4. Personality Plus.  When I talk with other moms and they say they have a child that is messy or a child who regularly forgets needed items for school or a child who is very emotional.  I can always relate because we have a whole variety of different personalities between the eight kids!  
5. 8 x the Joy.  It is so true, I honestly feel so lucky because every single child brings so much joy and happiness to our family we really do have 8 times the joy!  
6. Time to learn.  As parents we make mistakes and we learn as we go.  At least I can get a lot of practice!  I have consistently been in the preschool years for the past 12 years (and will continue for the foreseeable future)!  …and yes, that means we will have teenagers for a long long time.  
7. Support.  Life is tough, we all have challenges.  It is awesome to see the support our kids give to each other.  When one has a challenge and they know 7 other siblings are praying for them, that is awesome support!  
8. Kids at Christmas.  Kids are what make holidays so much fun!  I am grateful that I will always have kids to celebrate with!  (I am assuming at some point I will get grandkids.)
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