Thursday, October 25, 2012

Errands, lots of errands


The errand list was long today!  I purposely saved my least favorite errand for last. . .Walmart.  I didn’t need much, just Halloween candy, a few things for kids Halloween parties at school, deodorant, etc.  I made two major mistakes:  

1.  Taking two tired kids in the store that had been troopers through the previous five errands.  

2.  It was lunchtime. 

Shortly after we enter the store Ellie bumped her nose on the side of the cart and cried and cried.  We calmed her down and then Tanner decided he wanted to hold the bag of Halloween candy that she was holding.  It resulted in Tanner getting his face scratched.  I guess you could say Ellie won?  Tanner calmed down and then he found some amazing fire fighter rain boots in his size that he wanted so badly!  (Sorry, he doesn’t go enough places in the rain for me to justify his need for rain boots.) I physically lifted him in the cart and continued on to get the last two items on the list.  Tanner was screaming and saying that I was mean because I wouldn’t get them for his birthday.  A Walmart worker looked at me and said, “I understand.  I have three kids.” 

Oh, the joys of motherhood!  


Jen T said...

Way to go, though. You made it!! We all have days like that - and they're lucky to have you as such a great mom :)

AmyMak said...

I clicked over here from 71toes...beautiful site and your organization needs are mine too! I am writing down the chicken and potato recipe - looks delicious. Thanks!

Steph said...

Oh Tasha, I just had a "wal-mart" trip too. :) And, as always, love your time organizing tips! You always make me want to be a better mom!

Anonymous said...

You made me laugh at the "Ellie won" comment.


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