Wednesday, January 22, 2014

1 Simple Rule to Keep Kids Clothes Organized

Clothes are a major part of our homes.  We have to launder, hang, fold, pick up, store, and wear clothes on a daily basis.  When you think about it,  clothes take up a lot of our time!  With many children in our home we also have a lot of clothes. To keep our drawers from looking like this:
We have a simple rule that works wonders

Have less clothes :)  

We have found that we need to limit the amount of clothes that we have by selecting our top 10.

This is what we do for our youngest kids.  We select our top (about) 10 outfits.  My third son always seems to have a lot of clothes.  He gets hand-me downs from his two brothers and new clothes from Grandmas so he helps me pick his favorite outfits (what he will really wear).  Having less is really a magical key to being able to enjoy what you have.  Why not have everything in your closet something that you enjoy wearing and look nice in? Don't hang onto worn out items and clothes you don't like.  Clean out your closets! 

It is also important to have clothes that mix and match.  When shirts can go with several pants or shorts you have a greater variety of outfits with less items!  


Emma said...

I love this idea!

golden mama said...

guess this would help my home A Lot! would you suggest having like 5 sets of church clothes in addition to daily wear clothing?

Tasha said...

Church clothes: Our boys have little suits to wear to church and khaki pants with vests. Our girls probably have about 5 dresses.

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