Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Love the Little Things in Life

 I love seeing the baby swing in the corner.
 I love that in our house decorative items are filled with toys.
 I love reading children's books.

 I love hearing kids practice the piano.  

 I love that our 10 year old helped plan the menu and wrote it on the menu board this week.

 I love to see projects created at our homework table. 

I love to see the random places that the baby kicks off her socks.

I love when post-it notes are left on the fridge.

 I love to drink wildly healthy smoothies for breakfast!  

I love when they play crazy games together.  


Emma said...

It is fun to see the things you love in everyday life. I miss visiting with you. Btw Your piano looks nice.

Jen T said...

Love it, Tasha. Could I get your recipe for your smoothie? I'm interested to try it!

cassi said...

What a great post of the sweet little everyday things!

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