Thursday, May 30, 2013

Confessions and Solutions

It happens every year.  During the first week of 
Summer vacation . . . I feel overwhelmed.  

Summer Day #1  Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A sudden sense of panic hits when I realize running to the grocery store, the mall, or visiting teaching isn't quite as easy with everyone home all day.  I realize the house gets messier and more food gets eaten.  The toddler who usually sleeps two hours each afternoon realizes that she will miss out on the fun if she sleeps and abandons her usual nap time.  When I sit down at the computer (as I usually do in the afternoon)  I am asked by more than one boy if they can play computer games.

After the first week I always ease into life without as much paperwork and homework and it becomes quite wonderful to have everyone home more and to let life be more spontaneous.  By the end of summer, I burst into tears at the thought of everyone going back to school.

Today was our first official day of summer, so this morning  I gathered all the kids around and wrote out a bunch of chores that I need accomplished each morning and just before dinner time.  They each helped decided what they want to do in the morning and afternoon to help around the house.

Today I needed to go to the local sporting goods store to have the kids that are participating in swim team see what size of racing suit they need.  As we sat in the car before going in I went over the rules of shopping with 6 kids.  (don't touch anything, talk quietly, stay by me . . .)

I mentally prepared myself to smile and in my head practiced my routine response in a cheerful voice, "Yes, they are all mine," "No, this isn't daycare [smile],"  The good news is that we survived our first summer shopping trip!   We did enjoy a trip to the library and spontaneous trip to the park.

I realize it is up to me to let my structured school year schedule slip away and enjoy the green grass, reading stories, and free time that comes in the summer.

Summer Day # 3

I am getting into the groove and enjoying summer so much more.  Today was our first official "MOM ADVENTURE" of the summer and our first day of stations.

We won't do stations everyday, just a couple of afternoons a week when we have had a busy morning and need a quiet afternoon for Ellie to nap and so that I can accomplish a few tasks.  This is what we are doing for stations for the 5 oldest kids.  Each station lasts 20 minutes.  They are all in a separate room doing their own activity.  


Jen T said...

Do you have any favorite things on the ipad for your kids?

Jen T said...

Do you have any favorite apps for the ipad?

Anonymous said...

This is perfect. I find that I need quiet time about 2pm whether or not anyone else needs it. I may institute said quiet time.


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