Sunday, January 24, 2016

Preparing food ahead

My word for this year is "PREPARE". I want to be more prepared in every aspect of life.  After having my groceries delivered (I shop online and they are delivered for free-  amazing!) I spent one hour preparing food so that I am more prepared for every meal this week.  Rather than just putting the food away I did a few simple things to prepare it.  I chopped vegetables, boiled eggs for quick breakfasts, baked potatoes to have on hand for lunch, cooked turkey sausage for breakfast, cooked ground beef for a recipe later in the week, put chicken vegetable soup in the crockpot, cooked pasta and added frozen meatballs, and put some whole wheat bread in the pan to rise (thank you Rhodes for the dough). I am happy to be running ahead and not running behind! 😉 #prepare

1 comment:

Emma said...

Wow! Groceries delivered for free! Our local Walmart does pick up. I'm thinking I will try it soon. I loved you are focusing on being prepared, I am too. I am in the process of making 2 month menu. Like is much easier when dinner is planned.

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