Friday, January 8, 2016


We have lived in our house for over four years.  That is a really long time for our family.  πŸ˜€. We have decided that after four years we really need to do a big clean out and we needed to replace a few things that are worn out.  

One of the things that needed replacing was our family room couch and love seat.  In October I found the perfect custom sofa in the clearance center of a furniture store in town.  I really appreciate quality furniture and was trying to figure out how I could afford a custom sofa that would look great and be durable.  When I found this sofa for a great deal we bought it and ordered some chairs to match.  They finally came this week!  I have been rearranging the room and trying out different options!  It isn't completely settled yet, but here it is so far!  

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