Friday, January 30, 2015

Real Life and Exciting News

I love the quick easiness of Instagram, it is a great way to see snippets of friend's lives.  

I think that there is a lot of real life that doesn't usually show on social media.  Just so you know that we are really human, here is what doesn't appear in my Instagram pictures:

1.  I didn't post a picture of what we had for dessert on Christmas Eve.  This is what we had:

It says, "Number 8 Will be Great!  We Can't Wait! Due August 9, 2015!

We are super excited!  The kids were surprised.  Our current baby will be just under 2 years old when the new baby is born.  I like the 2 year spacing. 

2.  I haven't posted any pictures of me miserably nauseated!  

3.  I haven't posted any pictures of the stack of papers on my counter or my kitchen floor that wasn't swept.  I have been in survival mode, just basics. . . feed kids, basic house pick up, and clean laundry in the basket but not folded.

4.  Despite feeling sick I did muster enough energy to help plan a very special baptism for our daughter and we invited friends, neighbors, teachers, and family from Utah.  She was baptized on January 23. 

5.  I didn't post any pictures of what I looked like last weekend on the day of her baptism.  I woke up and was shocked when I looked in the mirror because my jaw and sides of my face were super swollen!  While our parents and my grandparents were here  I spend the day in the doctor's office doing blood tests to find out if I had the Mumps!  (Yes, my immunizations are up to date).  
I was placed in "Quarantine." Until the results from the blood work came back.  I attended the baptism, but stayed away from everyone.  I stood by the font to listen to the speakers.  It was sad, really sad.  

I stayed home while the family watched my boys play soccer and went to dinner.  The whole weekend I was home.  

It wasn't until the next Tuesday that the results came back and said that I did not have the Mumps! 
I simply had clogged parotid glands or saliva glands (it isn't contagious at all).  

6.  I had been so nauseated that in December the doctor gave me a prescription medication for nausea.  Because of my "mumps scare" they took me off of the medicine and I was so sick the whole weekend that our families were here. 

7.  For memory sake we took this picture after her baptism:
The doctor said that if I wanted to sit by people I could just wear the mask.  I opted to stay away.  

Needless to say, life is always an adventure!  On a positive note I am feeling so great this week!!  I finished the first trimester of this pregnancy and I am hopeful that I will keep feeling great!  I know I am feeling better because I have been tackling organizing projects this week!  

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