Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Organizing Your Time

* This post is a little outdated, it is before I used technology to organize my time.  Here is a video that is a bit more up to date:

Life is busy.  As a mom I sometimes feel overwhelmed by deadlines and tasks.  I also feel responsible for all of the deadlines and tasks that our children have.  (School is harder than it was back in my day!)  In order to organize my time I do a couple of things that make a big difference.

1.    A family calendar-  Our calendar is on the computer.  Justin and I can both add family items on our calendar and they sync together. 

2.    We keep our shopping list on the computer.  Less paper and we both add to it when we think about something we need.  It has a few categories. 
Grocery Store – Sam’s Club – Walmart/ Target – Other

3.    Little Book-  I bought a little notebook at Walmart for $2.97.  I start the day 
with two lists.
Need to do. . .          and          Want to do. . .
Some days I only accomplish a few of the items on my need to do list.  Sometimes I get all of my need to do items done and start working on a project I want to do. 

4.    A place for thoughts.  I can’t tell you home many times I think about this or that 
and jot myself a note on the notebook page that  I am on that day.  
In the evening I sit at the computer and type in things that need to be on the 
calendar or record in my journal something funny that one of the kids has said 
during the day. 

5.    I am always trying to learn and improve.  My birthday is coming up and this year I asked Justin to get me the Mind Organization for Moms program from the Power of Moms website.  I am really excited to learn how to better organize papers and projects. 

Speaking of Power of Moms, they have a new book out that I am reading.  Leave a comment if you are interested in a free digital copy of their new book.  I'll choose a  random winner on Monday, October 29th.  


Melanie said...

AAHHH!!! the ongoing process of trying to stay organized and productive! so glad to hear you're still working on it, too, considering the fact that you're probably leaps and bounds ahead of me!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing your organization ideas. Maybe I will have to go pick a little book of my own :)

Natalie said...

Organization is a constant journey! Thanks for sharing your insights!

Emma said...

I would love to win. I can definitely learn more about motherhood.

Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration. Genius idea about the grocery list going paperless.

Love Susan

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