Friday, September 11, 2015

Wise Beyond Her Years and Full of Inspiration

Sometimes you come across amazing people that are wise far beyond their years.  My daughter is one of those inspiring people!  Would you believe that this girl is excellent at making bread (particularly French Baguette), if she decides on a project she does it (like the apron she made below), she has recorded several cooking videos for her blog, she is an expert at tutoring younger children and particularly focuses on establishing strong reading skills,  she has learned to plant and maintain a garden, she learned how to use imovie to make movies and picture slide shows, she organizes wardrobes and has read the entire Book of Mormon several times.  Did I mention she just wrote a song to play on her flute?    

In May we celebrated that she finished her Young Women Recognition Award!  

If you are unfamiliar with this award it requires doing 7 
10 hour projects that go along with the values

Divine Nature
Individual Worth 
Choice and Accountability
Good Works

For her Virtue project she read the entire Book of Mormon, 
she also completed
Many hours of gospel study and goal setting! 

She is simply amazing and we are so proud of her ability to set goals and work hard to achieve them.  The remarkable fact is that she completed all of these requirements while she was 12!  

Just because she has finished her Personal Progress doesn't me she is done setting goals, she has been faithfully working on her "Honor Bee" (40 hours of service + reading the Book of Mormon again).  After receiving that award she would like to start Personal Progress all over again!  

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