Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our Menu, Breakfast, and Snacks

Breakfast:  I have added breakfast to my menus.  Why?  Every night when I tuck one of my kids in bed he asks me what we are having for breakfast the next morning.  I usually have no idea.  My kids also told me, "Mom, you don't need help saving dinner, you already do that.  You need help with breakfast." (can you tell that they are not fans of cereal?)   So there you go.  I now plan breakfast.  To make it easy we have the same theme on the same day: Monday- Muffin Day, Tuesday- Egg Day. . .
They like to have something to look forward to and I like to have a plan.  

Snacks:   Each school day the kids take a snack to school with them.  It saves a lot of morning discussions when we have already decided what the "snack of the day" is.  

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