Thursday, September 19, 2013

Visit Power of Moms

One of my favorite websites is Power of Moms.  When I am doing laundry or dishes I like to listen to their podcasts.  They have amazing training programs for mothers.  I am a big fan of the Mind Organization for Moms program.  

A variety of authors write articles for their website.  This past week a few of my articles have been on their website:  

Simple Steps for a More Organized Life

Back to School and Back to Basics


Candice Kidd, RDH said...

I loved your articles!

Candice Kidd, RDH said...

I loved your posts!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the article Tasha. Tomorrow we are de-junking the older girls' room. It is getting harder as they get older and my 9-year old is attached to her stuffed animals like her limbs! Help!!!!!

love S.

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