Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Christ Centered Easter

Easter has taken on a new meaning for our family since the passing of our little Nephew.  We decided that we would slightly change a few traditions this year to focus more on the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

We did have our "Last Supper" with food that may have been something like Christ would have eaten.

Bean and Lentil Soup with Herbs
Flat Bread with Hummus

 After dinner Justin washed the kid's feet like Christ washed the Apostle's feet.

 We used pictures to teach the last week of Christ's life.
 We also have Easter Eggs with objects that represent Christ's last week and scriptures to read.

 Abigail and Hyrum played simplified Hymns about the Resurrection for us to sing to.

 We went to church (this picture was taken after church when everyone was tired and hungry!).
 The climax of our Easter was what we did for gifts.  Instead of getting traditional Easter dresses, new church clothes for the boys, and toys we used the money to buy something really special.

We framed a picture of our little nephew Benson to hang on our wall.  We talked to the kids about how Benson is in Heaven with Jesus and that is our goal to live our lives so that we can also be there and be together as a family.
 We found this amazing picture of Christ and it was our big gift to our family.  In the picture the Savior is holding one tiny baby lamb.  We discussed that the baby lamb represents their cousin Benson.  We are the other lambs in the back ground.  We talked about what we have to do to make our way up the hill to where Christ and baby Benson are.  It was a wonderful spiritual time for our family.

It has been our most memorable Easter.

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Brintons said...

Such a meaningful Easter. I love this. You did a beautiful job.

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