Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Family Room Now



I will be posting about the design process and sources soon. . .


Jennifer Trost said...

Looks great! I wish you could come design my home :-) What color paint did you use? We need to repaint and am thinking of a lighter shade? Right now we have Whole Wheat from Sherwin Williams.

Lindsay said...

I am dying to ask you, HOW do you get your kids to leave the pillows?? I've tried with my 6 kids to have even one and it always ends up on the floor!! I love using pillows, but don't want a battle... I LOVE what you did with the room and also thanks for the store recommendations!

I wish we could live as minimally as you do. It's fun to see your success.

Tasha said...

I love pillows and my kids have learned how to put them back after they are done throwing them, stacking them, and laying on them! They have also learned how to make their beds and put the pillows just how I like them, but it does take some practice and some reminding!

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