Monday, August 12, 2013

Ready For School?

We have done 7 things to get ready to start school this week.  

1. Clean the mudroom

I wanted to make sure this room was clutter free so that we were ready for it to be filled with backpacks!

2. Get the Backpack's cleaned out and ready

I made the mistake of letting our oldest daughter pick out any backpack she wanted when she started kindergarten.  Let's just say that cheap "Hello Kitty" backpack didn't last long at all.  She actually went through three backpacks before I learned my lesson and started buying Land's End backpacks and lunch bags.  I always get them on sale for a great price and they last for many years! 

3.  Buy school supplies

While I was shopping for a cart full of school supplies my husband went shoe shopping.  Our kids have to have a pair of gym shoes to keep at school for their P.E. class and the boys needed new shoes to wear to school.   Out of the six pairs of shoes purchased, four of them were a size 3!  

4.  Have the lunch bags and containers ready

Our Ziploc containers fit perfectly in our kids lunch bags.  The water bottles that I found at Old Navy are the perfect size for the side of their bag.  

5.  Print new charts and plan the fall schedule

6.  Clean closets and buy some school clothes

I have learned the beauty of not having too many clothes!  It is much nicer to have a closet with items you love and can easily find than a closet stuffed with items you don't really like.  

7.  Have an organized system for papers

When the backpacks come home and I am sorting through papers I have my ipad handy to add anything to my calendar or to-do list.  

I also have the stadium file to file papers in one of the following folders:

Today (things that must be handled today)
Weekly Review (things that I can take care of that week, I usually have a weekly review on Fridays)
File (papers that need to be filed long term)
Read and Review (magazines or information I would like to read through)

The black accordion thing in the picture has a place for each kid to store papers that need to be filed temporarily (spelling lists, sight words to practice).


Janie in Rochester said...

No sound on your videos Tasha....

Anonymous said...

I feel refreshed just reading through what you wrote. Do you still have "The Binder?" Does this replace the binder? Does each kid have their own file folder?

I am always trying to glean ideas for paper organization (probably most moms' biggest challenge).

I totally hear you on the back-packs. We bought LLBean back packs & their matching lunch bags 3 years ago and they are still holding strong. I put them through the washer once a year right after the old school year ends.

I am behind on sorting through clothes & cleaning out the cubbies. I always feel re-motivated though when I read your stuff. Keep it coming!

love S.

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