Thursday, August 15, 2013

Take A Step Back

July 26, 2013

Today I had an "Aha Moment" let me explain. . .

I am 33 weeks pregnant.  I feel like I have a basketball for a stomach and I am walking around on swollen feet and ankles.  To bend over, move, or walk up stairs takes effort and exertion (you know when your out of breath after one flight of stairs :)  I am sure that people notice my swollen feet and wonder how many days I have left until I am due. I wanted to record what I look like during my 7th pregnancy and just how big I am so I had my daughter snap a few pictures today.  When the pictures were downloaded on the computer and I saw what I looked like it was like taking a step back from life to recognize that many of my problems are distorted in my head.  

I am not nearly as large as I feel and my feet aren't as obviously swollen as I thought.  Probably no one at the grocery store walks past me and thinks, "That lady has swollen ankles."  How often are we like that?  We get so caught up in our discomforts and problems that we don't realize that they aren't as serious as we make them out to be!

I have decided that when I am in the "woe is me" mind set it is time to "Take A Step Back" and realize how blessed we really are.  

To be completely truthful this is actually my favorite part of pregnancy because I made it through the nausea, then I had low iron and was so tired, now I feel good and time is flying by!  I also love this part of pregnancy because the baby is moving so much.  I already know what the baby's schedule is like and I am getting prepared to be up from 2:00 am until 3:00 :)  


Melanie said...

You look so great, Tasha! As you always do. Sure miss you and your wisdom and determined spirit. Much love to you!

Nicole and Justin said...

You look awesome!
Usually I walk along feeling great while pregnant and then I'll see a pic of myself and think, "I had no idea i looked that ginormous!"
Glad it was the opposite for you

Janie in Rochester said...

You look beautiful Tasha....just like a 7-months-pregnant woman should. You do not look at all too "big" in the belly or swollen in the look just like your usual lovely, put-together self. Your body has done amazing things giving you 7 babies....remember that miracle when 9 months rolls around and the feet start really puffing up. (My feet were so bad I had to wear my husband's slippers around town at the end...there was no way real shoes, or even flip-flops, were going to fit). Have fun preparing for the next little Bradshaw!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, if I don't say so myself. xoxoxo


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