Monday, November 18, 2013

Creating Margins

I have been watching a Virtual Retreat on the Power of Moms website.  A section that I listened to recently while exercising was very inspiring.  Sadie Eyre Shumway talked about how as mother we often feel overloaded.  She explained that we need to create margins in our life.  When you are given a piece of lined paper to write on in school it is expected that you leave the margins clear and just write in the middle of the paper.   Sadie had many good ideas about how we can simplify so that we have time in our life to enjoy the beautiful moments.  We all need to create margins of space in our lives.

a few of the thoughts that stuck with me are:

- evaluate all our commitments

- less clothes for kids and us (less laundry, shopping, less to clean up)

- less extra curricular activities

- decided when we are available (if it isn't convienient don't answer the phone or respond to a text immediately)

- No debt (act your wage) live on what you make

- cut back on magazines and other information that comes to your home or email inbox and takes your time.

- if it doesn't inspire you cut it out of your life (blogs or websites)

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Kira said...

Thanks for the post a while back about Power of Moms. I've been listening to several podcasts and am hooked!

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