Sunday, May 18, 2014

Evidence of Children

Two and a half years ago we moved to a new State and bought a brand new house.  With a background in Interior Design I planned how the furniture would be arranged and thought through decorating details.

While moving in my 9 year old daughter wanted to help decorate and put a ceramic brown cat with colorful polka dots, that she had painted, in the bathroom next to the sink.  She had a very difficult time moving and I didn't have the heart to tell her that it wasn't the decoration that I would have chosen for the bathroom, so the cat stayed there.  Just recently I was cleaning the bathroom and had moved the ceramic cat to clean.  My daughter who is now very much an older and mature preteen said, "Oh, mom I am passed the cat, you don't have to keep it on the bathroom counter."

I think she was a bit surprised when I started to cry.  As the tears flowed she came in and gave me a hug.  I explained that I was crying because she was growing up.  I was crying because I would miss so many things about her being kid.  She is still has many years at home, but I didn't realize how quickly stages pass and time marches on.

I longed for the days when she would be old enough for me to buy her American Girl dolls because I love dolls.  I didn't realize how quickly those days would come and how soon they would be over.  My oldest son has enjoyed building with Legos.  It seems that nearly every Birthday and Christmas for the past several years I have heard about all the amazing Lego sets he was hoping to get as a gift.  Christmas came this year and I didn't hear about Legos.  I felt sad realizing that children really do grow up.  They out grow their ages and stages.  

The point is, when I look around my house my favorite things are not the drapes and the centerpiece on the table, or even the new rug.

My favorite accessories to our home are the ceramic cat next to the bathroom sink.

The note left on the fridge.

The art work that was carefully created.

The collection of Rubik's cubes on the nightstand.

The Christmas globe in January.

I love all of these random details throughout the house that are the evidence that we have children.  Children that much to my dismay will grow up and leave someday.  Children that will out grow ceramic cats and stop asking for Legos.

This week I want to find joy in the looking at the little things.  

The baby swing in the corner.

The black box full of books.
The well used children's books on the shelf.
The piano books left out for practicing.

The menu board written in 10 year old hand writing and smudged with tiny finger prints.

The art projects.

The randomly kicked off socks.

The messy stacks of papers. 

. . . because in reality these little evidences of children are my favorite accessories! 

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Steph said...

Thanks for the reminder Tasha! Some days I forget to love the kicked-off socks. :) growing up is so bittersweet!

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