Monday, July 30, 2012

Dinner Is Magical!

 At our house dinner is magical.  At least on the nights when "Presto the Magician visits from Philadelphia!"  

 He even brought his lovely assistant!   

Durning the summer we usually go somewhere and do something fun in the morning.  The afternoons are usually enjoyed at home while Ellie naps.  It would be really easy for the kids to plop down in front of the TV or computer for the entire afternoon.  I decided to make a rule that you have to do some type of a project and bring something to dinner that shows us what you have been working on.  Hyrum spent the whole afternoon practicing his magic tricks.  At dinner he showed them off.  Other examples of what the kids have accomplished are:  

Reading.  This kid can read!
 These three love to cook with me!  
 Sometimes they draw.
 Play silly putty or
 or ride bikes.  
I just love their faces and sense of accomplishment.  Aside from spending my afternoons doing laundry and cooking dinner.  I love projects and I am currently working on a big refinishing project that I have wanted to do for years!  

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Alli E. said...

What a cute little Magician!!

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