Tuesday, August 14, 2012

No Stress Approach to School Clothes Shopping

This year  I decided to simplify the "buying school clothes" process.  Usually I want to buy the kids an entirely new fall wardrobe and make sure that they have jackets, jeans, and long sleeve shirts before school starts.  I know that I got into this habit because we used to live in a cold climate and school started after Labor Day.  Now the kids start in the middle of August and it has been at least 100 degrees this past week.  

The boys got new clothes for spring and have plenty of shorts and shirts in good condition.  I have a new shirt for each of them to wear on the first day of school.  I asked Hyrum if he wanted a new pair of jean shorts to wear.  He said no.  Easy, I am done shopping for him. 

Spencer said he wanted a new pair of jean shorts.  I asked if he would really wear them and he admitted that he would probably just wear basketball shorts.  Easy, I am done shopping for him.  

Abigail had a Birthday after school got out for the summer and got new clothes.  She also has many nice clothes that I bought her this Spring.  We went and bought her a nice new outfit to wear the first day. Done.

Alexis is starting Kindergarten.  She needed new clothes.  We hit a Lands End clearance sale with an additional 50% off.  We bought her the cutest new outfits.  The best part is that I have previously bought her Lands End clothes and she already has cute leggings that will match the dresses and skirts that we bought.  When it does get chilly she will be ready.  

I also bought Ellie a few new outfits we found on sale.  I found a couple of shirts for myself.  For less than $90.00 we are dressed and ready for a new school year!! 

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