Friday, April 26, 2013


It's official.  Baby #7 is going to be a surprise.  I had my ultrasound last week.  The baby looks healthy and everything is good.  

We will find out 
this fall which bedding 
to put on the crib :)  


Alli E. said...

Ahhhh! I don't know how you can wait so long! At least you've got everything you will need for a boy or a girl! I am sure it is fun to find out in the delivery room, too!

Janie in Rochester said...

Yea for surprises!

Anonymous said...

You have WAYYYYYYY more patience than I do. I cannot wait to find out.

I was also the child who would sneak into our garage storage area and cut open pre-wrapped gifts left by extended family members in July for the following December. An x-acto knife and tape do wonders.

Congratulations to you and Justin. That is one lucky baby.

love S

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