Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Beautifully Ordinary

Monday was an ordinary day at our house; but, there is something magical about throwing something spontaneous into an ordinary day.  

So just before the kids were getting ready to jump in the van to go to school I told them to line up by the front door so that I could get a picture.  The response I got was, "What is special about today?"

My response was, "Today is special because it is an ordinary Monday."

A truly typical, completely normal, nothing exciting, day.  I thought it was beautiful because an ordinary day is such a gift.  One important point to note is that it was the first Monday in 17 weeks that  I truly felt completely normal, l felt like myself (no morning sickness!!)  

As the kids lined up I realized that there are so many ordinary little details about them right now that I want to remember.

Child #1:  She loves clothes and always wears a cute outfit.  She found her cute outfit on our spring break outlet shopping trip. Notice her shoes coordinate!  

Child #2 and #3:  Fall or Spring they usually have their Gap jackets on from their Gramee.  They both get their chores done before school, but each has their own style.  One gets up early and gets his work done, the other prefers to wait and do them just before breakfast:) 

Child #4:  I remember doing her hair all cute and curly that morning and tellling her how grateful I am that she likes to get dressed up fancy.  She was thrilled to be wearing her new sandals to school for the first time! 

Child #5:  He is a super hero at heart!  His great grandma gave him that super robot shirt with a cape on back and if it is clean, he is wearing it (which is a lot!). 

Child #6:  Insisted that her shirt, skirt, headband, and peanut posh be pink! When she colors she only uses pink and purple crayons!  

 After dropping the kids off at school we couldn't help but get out of the car and play.  It was the first day warm enough to play outside at 8:00 a.m.  Instead of rushing inside to do dishes we just played in the driveway and had a wonderful time.

It is in small moments when you stop to enjoy the little things that your heart swells with gratitude for the gift of an ordinary day.
Cape flowing behind him as he runs.  
A smooth rock.

Long brown hair. 
A happy smile.

A pink balloon.  
A song to sing.

A dance to dance.
A car to drive.

A beautifully ordinary day.  


Janie in Rochester said...

I love Tanner's cape! James has a Super Grover shirt with a cape like that and he wears it constantly. I remember Natalie's little boy ran around the cul-de-sac in a super hero cape for YEARS, and it would make me laugh every time I looked out the window and saw him sailing by. Little boys are so cute and funny. And your baby girl's hair is so beautiful....I can't believe a 2yr old can have hair like that!

Loved all the pics of your kids playing, and glad to hear you're feeling a better. It is freezing here in MN still....there is no chance of playing outside yet (total bummer). At least I was able to get some purple pansy flowers for my front step, and thought of you as I bought them. Hugs!

Alli E. said...

Very cute!

Anonymous said...

Yes, beautiful indeed.

Could you ship us child #1 for a week in the summer. My child #1 and #2 would be in heaven.

love S.

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