Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Individual Time

I think it is important to help each child understand how much they are loved and appreciated.  Our oldest daughter is such a huge help to me.   Sometimes when life is crazy and busy I spend the most time caring for the younger children and the kids that whine for help the most.  (squeaky wheel gets the grease :)

In order to give our oldest daughter the love and attention that she deserves we have a reading tradition.  We enjoy reading Nancy Drew books together or in the past we have read American Girl books.  After all the kids are in bed, she gets to stay up a little later and read to me while I finish up dishes or sweep the floor or on a good night I just sit on the couch :)  We really enjoy reading together and look forward to any moment when we can read a few pages together.  Sometimes we even bring our book along when we are driving to activity days and scouts so that we can read on the drive.

Right now we are reading a book called, "Out of My Mind," by Sharon M. Draper.  It is about a girl who is extremely intelligent, but she was born without the ability to communicate or walk.  Since we have been reading this book together there have been several nights that I end up crying!  It has taught us compassion and love for the amazing individuals that are born with imperfect bodies and the challenges that they face.  They are normal people with normal feelings and they want to be loved!  We have both really enjoyed this book!

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Anonymous said...

My oldest JUST finished this book (for the 3rd time) and loved it.

I am NOT a reader, but my oldest is a veracious reader. Her example has inspired me to read some Nancy Drew and Lemony Snicket series which I have all loved. It was also fun to discuss with her after.

The one on one time is priceless. It truly is.

love S.

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