Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Building a Maternity Wardrobe

When you're pregnant I think most of us would agree, you often feel less than beautiful.  Our bodies are often awkward and swollen.  During my first few pregnancies the style of maternity clothes was, well . . . "tent like" and it left me feeling fat and frumpy.  Since I have spent over 4 1/2 years pregnant I have discovered a few ideas of what I can do to still feel great while gaining weight!

Step 1:  When it comes to building a maternity wardrobe I start with what I have. 

Maternity Shirts 

Maternity Dresses

You will notice that I don't own any maternity pants or shorts.  I discovered that the maternity pants that go up really high (over your belly) weren't very comfortable when my belly got really big.  When I wore maternity pants that fit under my belly, they felt like they would fall off if I bent over.  I discovered that for me it works best if I wear normal pants that are "low rise" style and one size bigger than I normally wear.  (They fit below my belly and I can zip them up:)

Step 2:  Then I look through my closet for normal items that I have that can still work when I am pregnant.

 Cardigans that are a short style.
 Skirts with elastic waist.
 Shirts that are a little big will help when my normal clothes are tight and maternity clothes are too big.
 "Low Rise" shorts and drawstring capris.
Shade undershirts that I use to layer still work to layer while I am pregnant.  

Step 3:  Create outfits.  I was amazed to realize that with just a few clothes I could create so many nice outfits for the summer.  

Shopping List:

I still need to buy:
colored capris
jean capris
black shirt +1 or 2 other shirts

It happened to be a snow day when I went through my clothes so I was fortunate to have two lovely fashion consultants to help me:


Cate said...

I love the jean idea!!and i love your blog!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I just recently did this with my closet. I realized I didn't need more clothes, and decided instead to come up with some fresh combinations using what I already had. A friend helped me.

Love S

Elise said...

So... I'm on a new clothes trial. Doing some MAJOR simplification this spring and decided that we can do with even fewer clothes. What if everyone had something similar to your "maternity" wardrobe. Salvation army came today... so the clothes are gone. We will see how much more I can cut out of everyone's wardrobe (and my laundry pile!). Miss you friend :)

Anonymous said...

What!? Elise had Salvation Army come pick up her cast-offs!? I would have taken those in a heart-beat. Such a trendy dresser, that Elise. (I'm pretty sure she drives an SUV too)

love S.

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