Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Cleaning: Body Clutter

It is that time of year when we welcome the happy signs of springtime life.  Along with freshening up our houses I always find motivation to loose those extra pounds that I always seem to gain between Halloween and New Years.

Yes, I realize that this year I am gaining weight very quickly (I am pregnant) but I know that eating healthy now will help me to feel good and have a better recovery after pregnancy.  

I wanted to get a visual picture of what  I eat so I have been taking pictures of each meal with the ipad.

I know it is a little silly to take a picture of what you eat, but it has helped me to be more aware of what  I am eating.  I also take time to put everything on my plate and then sit down to eat instead of just snacking while I prepare the kid's meals.  

 orange, cheerios, skim milk, almonds, dried cranberries
 oatmeal, pecans, natural applesause, skim milk

 cottage cheese, natural applesauce, applesauce muffin
 orange, granola, banana, almonds
 pecans, greek yogurt, skim milk, fresh rasberries
 apple, greek yogurt, pecans, flax seed
12 grain bread, scrambled egg, grapefruit

left over lasagna, carrots, apple, whole wheat toast
green smoothie, peanut butter balls, carrots, and sandwich 
(I am sure I ate more than a quarter of a sandwich :)
green smoothie, tuna cheese melt, pickle, and oranges
turkey sandwich with lettuce, cheese, avocado, yellow peppers, and an apple
whole grain breadsticks, greek yogurt, grapes, turkey, light string cheese
left over salmon, rice, mixed vegetables, crackers, cheese, and natural applesauce.
sandwich with tons of vegetables and greek yogurt with fresh raspberries.
bean burritos (cheese, beans, and corn) and a strawberry smoothie


 garden vegetable wraps, fruit with veggies with ranch
 Southwest stroganoff with lettuce wraps
 asparagus, rice, and broccoli beef 
 homemade cornbread with honey and butter and winter vegetable chowder



Cate said...

Delicious- and great ideas! I can now see why I've gained so much weight this pregnancy!!! My portions are far bigger! I need to photo journal- Candi

Anonymous said...

These pictures make me hungry! These are delicious and give me new ideas. Thanks for posting.

(the apples, yogurt, flaxseed and pecans are next on my list).

Thanks for sharing!

love S.

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