Thursday, June 20, 2013


Today I picked a special helper to be my assistant for our adventure.  

This cute guy has been to the big downtown slides a few times, but the older kids have been at school when we have gone.  He was thrilled that we could surprise them and take them to a place they hadn't been.  

Our official "MOM ADVENTURE" didn't start until after lunch because in the morning we had swim team, then we stayed at the pool and swam for 1 hour, and we met a friend at a fun park for lunch.

After lunch we headed downtown for our adventure.  It was a hit, everyone had a great time!  

 We finished off the adventure with frozen yogurt of their choice!  We had such a fun day!  

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Janie in Rochester said...

Cute pics! It makes me die of laughter that Tanner is usually in one of his "super hero" poses (fist in the air, hands on his hips). Also the pic of your littlest one going down was pretty funny...she looked terrified, her skirt was flying up, and she was clutching her sister for dear life. Such precious memories with all your adorable children! James just went down a slide for the first time last was a time of big smiles.

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