Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Our MOM ADVENTURE #3 started out in a very exciting way (I am saying that in a sarcastic tone).  We found out earlier in the week that I had failed my standard one hour glucose test (to see if I have gestational diabetes)  so the doctor ordered a three hour glucose test.  I loaded the six kids in the car and went for the test which consisted of four blood draws in a three hour time period.  In between each blood draw we ran a quick errand to Hobby Lobby or Gap.  The good news is we found out that my blood sugar level was just fine!  No problems to be concerned about!  
After our morning in the Lab we picked up lunch and went to a new park we haven't visited before.

As a mother I have learned that boys love sticks.  This is the "King" of all sticks that they have found at the park!

We also went swimming and enjoyed the gorgeous warm day.
In the end, we all felt like the below picture!

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