Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hugs From Heaven

I am a mother.   Some days are long and hard.  I spend the day:

Cooking, cleaning, caring
Dressing, dusting, driving,
Loving, listening, learning,
Hugging, helping, hearing.

Each day I am constantly caring for others.  Night comes and the house is quiet, but random toys still need to be picked up, a few stray dishes are left in the sink, and crumbs still litter the floor.  As the mother who has so busily worked throughout the day I am tired, exhausted, and long for someone to wrap their arms around me, look me in the eye, and say, 

“You did a great job today, you: 

Cooked, cleaned, cared,
Dressed, dusted, drove,
Loved, listened, learned,
Hugged, helped, heard."

As a mother we seldom have someone wrap their arms around us and recognize what a great job we have done in our daily work; but as I fall on my knees at night I can’t help but feel that we do have a Father in Heaven who is thankful and knows the effort it has taken to

Cook, clean, care,
Dress, dust, drive,
Love, listen, learn,
Hug, help, hear.

Someday I will be in Heavenly Father's arms again and I will feel his infinite love and know that in my simple daily acts as a mother I was able to pass his love to the children that he has allowed me to care for.

But for now, I will feel hugs from Heaven in my heart.  

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Alli E. said...

That was beautiful!

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