Friday, October 11, 2013

Questions and Answers: Nissan NV Passenger Van, Best Vehicle for a Large Family

Question:  What kind of car do you drive?

Answer:  Nissan NV Passenger Van.  They are new on the market, you can learn more here.

When it comes to purchasing a vehicle for a family of 9 there are not a lot of options!  We did our homework and felt that we bought the best vehicle for our family.

We used to drive this mini van.  It wasn't fancy, but it was functional.  I loved the sliding doors and that it would comfortably seat 8 people with up to 6 car seats!

I have been asked so many times why we didn't buy a suburban or a large SUV.  They are bigger than a mini van but they only seat 8 people. (The same amount as our mini van)  There is an option to have a company called Little Passenger Seats add an extra seat to the back of an SUV.  We didn't feel that this was a good option for our family.  Adding a seat to the cargo area would be difficult when traveling and I questioned the safety.

Cheverolet and Ford make large passenger vans, but the Nissan NV Passenger Van was head and shoulders above what they had to offer.  This is why we chose the Nissan NV Passenger Van:

It has the upgrades inside that a nice SUV would have.

USB port to connect our ipod, ipad, or iphone.
Navigation and touch screen.
Rear back up camera (shows me what is behind me).
Front Sonar System
Sliding door (other big vans have two doors that open)
Air bags on the sides of the van to protect all passengers
Head rests (other big vans don't have head rests)
Individual seats (other big vans just have big benches)
Seat belts are in the seat (other big vans have seat belts that come from the ceiling)
Leather seats (heated in front)
Seats 12 (seats can be removed or rearranged)

It fits in our garage.  Not all garages are tall enough, but many are.  We specifically looked for this when we bought our house.  The door has to be 5 panels high.    


Jay and Sherrie said...

love it!

Anonymous said...

Thank you soooo much for this post! We are only a 2 kid family now but still working on more plus we have extra family that lives with us so we haul lots of people. We have an suv with third row but one we have number 4, we need to upgrade. This is great! I hated the lack of headrests other passenger vans offered and lack of features that families find important. I applaud your large family in a small family age. Best wishes.

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