Tuesday, June 9, 2015

BYU Women's Conference

Looking back to my trip to Utah at the beginning of May:

The night before I flew out for Women's Conference I was able to go to the temple with my daughter and the rest of the youth in our ward!  It was a perfect way to start my weekend.  
I met these two wonderful friends in Utah.  
It was amazing to be apart of this large gathering of amazing women!  
I can't describe how thrilled I was to run into my dear friend Dinah!  It completely made my day!
We sat right behind Sister Peterson who just returned from serving a mission in our ward! 
So many individuals blessed us with their knowledge and wisdom!  
My mom and dad drove all the to BYU to come see me!  
I was able to see my brother Kaden and his wife, Carianne.  
We ate delicious food.  
We stayed at Elise's mom's house and I gleaned so many organizational, decor, and cleaning ideas!  
The pictures don't begin to show how amazing her house really is!  

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Jennifer Trost said...

WoW! That house is SO amazing! So glad you had a fun time.

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