Saturday, June 16, 2012


By the world's standards I am very uneducated; however, there is one degree that I am currently working on. . . a PhD in Motherhood.  

Most of the course is hands on experience, although I must say I do have a lot of book work also.  The majority of the book work is found here:

Aside from daily studying the scriptures and conference talks I always have one other book I am reading to improve my skills in organization, marriage, teaching children, or cooking (I have read many cookbooks from front to back).  The point is that when all is said and done I hope to have a PhD in Mothering!  

 A few favorites:  

1. Daryl Hoole: all of her books
2. Richard and Linda Eyre:  currently reading "I Didn't Plan To Be a Witch" (all of their books are great)
3. Peter Walsh, "It's All To Much" 
4. Barbara Barrington Jones, "The Confident You, A Woman's Guide to Eternal Beauty"
5. All of the above books (in the picture) are highly recommended

What are some of your favorite books?


Cate said...

I just found your blog!! how did I not know about it! I really love it! one book that is really good is called 10 key principles to successful parenting. it is definitely worth checking out!

Steph said...

Tasha I love this perspective. I think you are so amazing, just so you know! You have inspired me to go check out some books!

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