Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Celebrating Benson LaVel Bradshaw

Today is my little nephew's first Birthday.  Although his life was short he had a tremendous impact on many lives.  He lived from February 25, 2014 to April 2, 2014.  Most of his life was spent in the hospital but he was granted a short time on earth to be home with his wonderful parents and loving older brothers.  

As a family we decided we wanted to do something to remember and honor Ben for his first Birthday.  We decided to start our first annual, "Benson Bradshaw Fundraiser."  Throughout the month of February the kids took on extra jobs around the house to earn money.  They were very diligent and were constantly asking for work!  

Ben spent most of his life in the hospital so we decided as a family to use our money to bless other children that are in the hospital.  I contacted our local Children's hospital and found out what items we can donate to help children.  

With cash in hand, the kids and I went to Walmart in search of the perfect gifts to bless children.

They each had their own money that they had earned so they had to figure out how much things cost and what they could afford to buy.  

I wish I could have truly captured the joy that they felt and the excitement in the air.  It was that feeling of true joy and service that I hope they will never forget. 

They were all so excited with what they bought.  The little kids especially love to sit and look at the presents that we are giving in honor of Ben's first Birthday.  

They picked out:

board books
coloring books
weaving kits
dinosaur toys
toy cars

Happy Birthday Ben.  We love you.

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