Thursday, February 7, 2013



Homework Room

1/2 Bath


Dinning Area

Family Room

Girl's Room

Big Boys Room

Little Girl Room

Little Boy Room

Our Room

Our Bathroom


 Office Area

 Laundry Room


The Spanglers said...

You have such a beautiful home. I love the way you have decorated with beautiful and fun items while still keeping it simple. I went around my house and took pictures, then put them in a simple slide in album. Now when my kids need to know if they have cleaned correctly they just compare the room with the picture.

Cate said...

My name is Candi. I commenting from my twin sister Cates blog (My computer was logged in as her and I don't want to log out and then log back into my account :).

I LOVE your blog. You have such great ideas for all aspects of motherhood. You've inspired me :) Today I even did all my dinner prep early and was so grateful all day that I didnt' have to wory about dinner!!! I've enjoyed back blogging your older posts too.

I do have one question.. You mentioned that you like to have quiet time before your kids get up where you read scriptures and get ready for the day. I like that idea of being ready for the day and having the spirtual strength too. My question is when do you exercise if you do those two things in the morning?

I find I can read scriptures and either get ready for the day or exercise but not both.

Thank you!!

Tasha said...

Answering Candi's question: I decided that before my kids wake up I can only read or exercise, but not both. I choose to read my scriptures. Just after I get the kids out the door for school I exercise. I wish I could do both in the morning before everyone wakes up, but I can't get up that early :) At times in my life I have switched exercising earlier and reading later.

Jen T said...

Tasha, thanks for the tour of your beautiful home! I am totally impressed with your amount of toys. I feel like I have the same amount for just two boys. Any advice? Do they keep things in their rooms as well? I know I have too much, and I'm trying to decide if getting rid of IKEA train sets or vintage little people sets are a good idea or not. They sometimes play with them, but it's usually Legos, Duplos, and Magnatiles... And then how do you stop the cycle when birthdays and Christmas come around?

Anonymous said...

Oh my, where do I begin with the house pictures. I think it would be surprising to many people to look at that clean and minimalistic home and believe that 8 people live there!

It is so calm and beautiful. It truly is a work of art. I love the curtains in Abigail's room and LOVE the flags in the boys' room.

You, Elise, and McKellar are my constant inspiration-- love you!


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