Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Grocery Shopping

This picture make me smile!  Tanner is asleep in the grocery cart and the cake mixes are tilted at just the right angle :)

When, How, Where do you shop?

When:  I shop Wednesday morning at 10:00 with Tanner (4) and Ellie (2).

How:  Before I go I always write a meal plan and a shopping list.  I shop for one week at a time.

Where:  The local grocery store.  (yes, it is cheaper at Walmart, but the produce and service that I receive at the grocery store won my business)

Traditions:  Yes, we have grocery store traditions!  If my kids are good shoppers I let them pick out their favorite flavor of yogurt.  With Tanner and Ellie I have started giving them a Tootsie Pop when we enter the store.  It keeps their mouth busy so they can't ask for things!

From time to time all of these factors have changed!  When it was freezing cold in the winter and we lived in Minnesota I often ordered groceries online.  My husband's work offered a big discount for online shopping.  It was worth it so that I didn't have to drag four little kids out into the -20 degree weather.  I have also gone through periods where I have just shopped on Saturdays when Justin was home to tend the other kids.  Now that our kids are older and we have many activities on Saturday I have chosen to shop durning the week.

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Anonymous said...

You give them a tootsie pop!!!???

Sheer genius-- why didn't I think of that 10 years ago.


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