Monday, February 25, 2013

A Typical Day

Schedule, Schedule, Schedule 

I know that some mothers are scared of the word "schedule."  They feel like if they commit to a schedule that they will be tied down and confined.  I actually feel like it brings so much freedom.

Habits are powerful tools when we use them to help us accomplish our goals. 

If you have kids, it seems that you don't have full control over your life and anything can happen (and does happen)!  I use my schedule as a guide for what to do next, but sometimes something comes up and you just try to survive.

From time to time I write down my schedule so that I can see how long it actually takes to do laundry, prepare meals, clean, and take care of kids.  It always helps me realize how much time I don't have:)  

This is my general plan for life (more than you ever wanted to know about what I do!):

I try to have a good morning routine that focus on four areas:

Prepare myself for the day
Prepare my family for the day
Prepare the house for the day
Prepare meals for the day

5:30 Wake up (I will mention that  I don't have a tiny baby and I currently sleep through the night!)

5:50 Shower and get ready

6:25 Make sure that everyone is awake

6:30 Family Scripture Study and Family Prayer

7:00 Help kids get dressed, make their beds, do their hair

Chores- between 7:00-8:00 the kids do their chores which really helps our morning get off to a great start! (more about chores in a later post)

7:20- 8:00 eat breakfast, make lunches

8:00 Take kids to school

8:10 Dishes-  I don't like to do dishes (who does?) so I set the timer for 10 minutes.  I can do anything for 10 minutes and I usually get it done!

8:20 Think about dinner (if it is a crock pot meal I throw it in, if I can thaw or chop something ahead I do)

8:38 Start a load of laundry (it is always sorted so it is quick and easy to start)

8:40 Exercise (walk on the treadmill or do another workout) I am in the basement with all the toys so the kids will play, do puzzles, or they can watch Dora or do something by me.

9:15 House pickup- I start upstairs and open blinds and pick up.

9:30 Laundry in the dryer

9:45 -12:00 (this time varies from day to day)
Mondays- I do all the house cleaning
Tuesday- Go to an exercise class and playgroup
Wednesday- Grocery Shop, Tanner has a soccer class
Thursday and Friday-  Visit teach or run errands or stay home.  I try to have at least one of these days be a home day. 

12:30 Eat lunch-  I always tell the kids a story with a scripture picture during lunch.

1:00  Ellie’s nap- I read her a story before she takes a nap (this is her bedtime story, our evenings are usually busy with the older kids)

1:15 Dishes

1:30 Tanner Preschool-  I teach him for about 30 minutes 4 days a week.

2:00 Tanner’s quiet time, he plays toys in his room

2:00 Computer time-  I use this time to respond to emails, write down thoughts, do anything else that needs to be done.   This is my moment of downtime before the afternoon rush!

2:55 Pick up kids from school

3:10 Snack time

3:25 Homework x 4 kids
Our chore charts have helped the kids know what has needs to be accomplished. I sit at our "homework" table and assist everyone.  

5:00 Finish preparing dinner (Abigail and Alexis set the table)

5:30 Pick up the house (by this time it looks as though a Hurricane has hit our home and if anyone were to stop by they would wonder if I ever pick up!) –Thankfully Justin always calls when he is leaving work and it gives me 30 minutes to pick up!! 

6:00 Family Prayer, Dinner, and Dishes

6:50 Sometimes we have scouts or activity days, sometimes it is Relief Society, other days it is soccer or something. (usually Justin and I trade off who takes and who stays home)  We cherish nights that are free!   

7:00 Little kids get in the tub

7:30- 8:00 Little kids to bed

8:30 Big kids to bed

9:30 Ideally I like to get in bed and read until 10:00, but this doesn’t happen often enough :)  


Tara Wayne Malakai Maddux Kenya Alofipo said...

Tasha! I just found out you had this blog! I love all your advice! I was wondering if by chance you would email your chore charts for your kids? We are moving into a new home and want to start off with a good routine And have my kids know what is expected of them and came across your chore charts and thought yes! That's what I need! I'd you can great it not that's totally fine too! You have An adorable famy :). Here is my email. Espyt@ yahoo dot com.

Anonymous said...

Tasha, hasn't anyone told you, this is NOT normal! Super-woman has nothing on you my friend....nothing.



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