Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I'll be honest.  I like to focus on the positive.  I like to envision myself always looking like this:

Reality is . . .

Sometimes my boots get muddy and my pants get caught in my boots.  
(How embarrassing!)

I envision my house looking like this:

Reality is . . .
 For the first time in my mothering career I had a child decorate their crib with poop, yes poop.

I envision my children dressed in coordinating outfits and smiling.
 Reality is . . .
 I think they are just as cute after they storm downstairs to play and let their imaginations run wild.  

I envision my kids so loving and fun:
 Reality is . . .
 Sometimes they collapse in a public restroom because they just don't want to go potty.

I envison my children achieving greatness:
Reality is . . .
There are a lot of bumps that happen along the road to greatness!  


Cate said...

This is Cate's twin again, Candi. I laughed out loud on this post. I linked you up to my facebook so hopefully more people can be inspired by you!! Have a great day!

Tasha said...

Thanks for your comments!

Mibi and Lee said...

Im so glad to find your blog! I'm Justin's cousin,Mibi, who lives in Hawaii!!! It will be awesome to keep up with you all. Please give Justin a hug from me and I hope to meet you and the kids one day:D Love you all!!!

Jen T said...

Thanks for always keeping it real!

Janie in Rochester said...

You do a great job with it all Tasha! While perfection is an illusion that will drive us crazy, good organization is the key to keeping insanity at bay. :)

I must ask what happened to poor Tanner's head? That picture made me gasp....he look so sad and traumatized. I hope he's fully recovered and didn't have a concussion or head injury! I remember him the most since he was the last little baby you had when we were able to talk some (though I think you had your little girl a bit before you left MN, but by then I was busy with my own newborn).

You might be comforted to know my house was completely flooded on the day my son was born (both levels), so I understand the craziness of water damage and new babies. Keep livin' the dream girl....congrats on your pregnancy, and may you have has many little children as your heart can hold!

Janie from Ashland Lane

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