Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I Don't. . .

Written Fall 2012

We often make "to-do" lists, but have you ever heard of making a "don't" list?  In light of the quote above, I have been thinking about slimming down my schedule so that I have time to sit on the couch and read a book to my kids (without feeling stressed about all the things I need to get done), have time to go on an evening walk with my husband, and can sit on the front lawn and enjoy a perfect fall day with my kids.  So I started thinking about what things I am not going to do this school year:

1.  I am not going to have a regular volunteer day in their classrooms.

I know it sounds terrible to say that.  I can feel the guilt, I am a bad mother.  In reality, I walk my kids to school every morning.  I walk and pick them up every afternoon.  I see the Principal, teachers, and aids several times a week.  I will be there for programs, parties, and other events.  I help my kids with their homework every night.  I encourage and teach at home, but this year  I feel that it is important for me to maintain a house of order so that  I am ready to focus on them when they come home from school.  I also would like to have time with the two youngest at home so that I can help them.  For many years  I have volunteered in their classrooms regularly.  I decided this year that I need to be home.

2.  I don't send my kids to a paid preschool.

I know that my situation is far different than many other people.  If my situation or child's personalities were different I would consider different options.  The truth is I love to teach!  The most rewarding thing I do in a day is teach my children. I enjoy being their preschool teacher. 

3.  I don't were the coolest clothes.  

I have come to grips with the fact that I am a mother.  Tonight I was running out the door for pack meeting as I was eating a peach.  The peach was so juicy that juice ran down the front of my shirt (the same shirt I wore while mowing the lawn this morning).  I wiped my shirt off with a wet rag.  Threw a cardigan and necklace on to distract from the large wet spot and enjoyed a lovely evening at Cub Scout Pack Meeting.  

4.  I don't buy "cool" food for my kids.

When it come to food, I am not that cool.  My kids lunches aren't nearly as cool as some of their friends who bring the following to lunch to school:  Juice box, jello, fruit snacks, twinkies, and sometimes a granola bar. 
You guessed it, my kids are the ones with a water bottle, carrot sticks, hummus wrap and apple slices.  In the long run I guarrentee they feel better!  


Alli E. said...

I learned that weekly classroom volunteering was not for me many years ago! I love to be the room mom and help out with the art programs when I can. But a weekly classroom routine was stressing me out and I was always rushing there, rushing home,and felt crazy! So I now do the party and once in a while art things and my stress level has been so much better! And I think it is more important to not have a stressed out mom!! :)

Anonymous said...

So glad to see someone say "ya can't do it all honey." So true. Each of us have to find out what is right for us at that time in our family's life.

My goal was to volunteer twice in each kids' classrooms. I've about got that covered.


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