Friday, February 8, 2013

Unexpected Moments of Motherhood

Recently, I took my two youngest kids to the zoo.  When they got hungry I opened their neatly packed lunches.  My four year old sat in the double stroller happily eating his Nutella sandwich when all of the sudden a peacock swiped it!  It happened so quickly we couldn't even react to stop the thief until it was too late.  The peacock at the whole sandwich!  He must like chocolate flavored hazelnut spread!  Our friends sitting nearby were as shocked as we were, "Did that just happen?"

As a mother  I feel like life is full of unexpected moments.  There are moments when I have cleaned the house and we are ready to walk out the door and I am surprised to find that the two year old has spilled an entire bag of brown rice on the neatly swept floor.  Some moments of motherhood hurt deep down inside when you see your child sick or suffering.  

There are also moments that melt your heart and make you so grateful for the chance to be a mother.  One of those moments for me was when a sweet little first grader brought me a roughly cut yellow heart with the words written "I Love You" and had a smartie tapped inside.  It was one of those unexpected moments of motherhood that I was grateful for the chance to be the mom.  

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Beautifully said my friend. Beautifully said...


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