Sunday, February 24, 2013

They Notice . . .

Today As I looked through papers in my kindergarten daughter's backpack I came to a paper titled at the top "Community Helpers."  Underneath the words she had drawn a beautiful picture.  Alexis explained with excitement, "Mom, that is you! You are doing Relief Society work!!

(Relief Society is our Church Women's organization that focuses on service, strengthening testimonies of Christ, and strengthening families)

Of all the wonderful community helpers she could have drawn she had noticed my efforts to serve in our Relief Society.

I have never sat Alexis down and told her to serve or why Relief Society is important.  My mother never did that for me.  

I just grew up seeing my mom deliver a loaf of bread to a lonely sister.  

My mom visited new members of our ward (congregation).  I remember a summer day that our friends across the street were at our house playing and my mom found out about a family that had moved in up the street.  They had children similar ages to us so she marched all 7 (counting the neighbor kids) up the street to meet them.  

I remember the excitement I felt when she would let me help her set up for Relief Society activities.

I can’t help but think of the following quote by Saint Francis of Assisi, 

“Preach the gospel at all times – If necessary, use words.”

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Anonymous said...

I love that quote, but didn't ever know the source. Thanks!


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